Forest Dale Golf Course

2375 South 900 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84106
Course Description
Forest Dale was built in 1906 as the Salt Lake Country Club and holds the distinction of being the oldest golf course in Utah. Forest Dale has undergone several phases of renovation since the City acquired the course in 1935. A major redesign in 1986 maintained the tradition while transporting the course into a contemporary test of golf. Today, it's a challenging course with several small, original table-top greens that place a premium on accuracy.

Course Stats

Blue - Men3669.21163126
White - Men3664.21102621
White - Women3664.21192621
Gold - Men3664.21072277
Gold - Women3664.21072277

Course Information

Course Designer:Course Opened: 1905
Course Records:Competitive, 27 - Lynn Landgren  Regular, 59 (18 holes) - Lynn Landgren
Head Professional: Mack Christensen  Superintendent:Chuck Sorge  
Food & Beverage ServicesGroup Outings
Course Scorecard

Course Amenities

Retail ProshopPractice greens
CafeMotorized rental cars
Rental pull cartsHandicap cart - provide 24 hour notice

Men's Association

2013 Forest Dale Men’s Golf League

The officers of the Forest Dale Men’s League would like to invite you to join our great league and also welcome back our many returning members. We have a very active membership with 125+ players, and ages ranging from18 to 80+ years old. The 2013 season will kick off on March 12th and run through the end of October.

The annual Forest Dale Men’s League membership dues are $30.00 and must be paid before being allowed to compete in the weekly events. Each week there will be an added fee of $5.00 in addition to the appropriate green fee. The $5.00 fee provides the funding for the prize money pool and is fully distributed to the weekly gross and net winners. The winners and their winnings will be posted weekly in the pro shop hallway. All prize monies are credited weekly to individual merchandise accounts in the name of the player and may be redeemed in Forest Dale or in any of the other Salt Lake City golf course pro shops.

Once again the League will play every Tuesday, with the exception of holidays, and you may choose to play either in the morning or afternoon. Each League day will have a competitive and fun 9-Hole event scheduled with gross and net payoffs. A variety of different formats will be played throughout the season and will include individual, team and off the wall events such as the famous “Kick, Throw, Gimme, and Mulligan”. The Gold tees will be played each week with the exception of the Red, White and Blue event on July 3rd. If you have additional formats that you’d like to see included please forward your ideas to us and we’ll try to include them in the future.

Included in this packet is a new member registration form, a 2013 weekly schedule of events and information about the “LoyalTee Discount Card” offered by Salt Lake City Golf which may be very beneficial to you as a League member.

Best wishes for another golf season full of fun and we hope to see you soon!`

Dennis Nielsen

President, FDML

Forest Dale Men's League Registration Form
Forest Dale Men's League Schedule of Events

Women's Association

2013 FDLGL Tournament Results

Forest Dale Ladies Golf League is a amateur golf league with an average of 120-140 annual members. Our season begins in April and runs through the end of September.

League members play every Monday excluding holidays with the first day of play scheduled for April 1st, 2013. Tournament play will begin May 6th. with a scheduled "Play of the Day” event each week.

Membership dues are paid once at the beginning of the year. League dues are $36.00 and $31.00 for those members that are age 65 on or before March 25th, 2013. You must also have a current UGA card and an established handicap to be eligible for "Play of the Day” prizes. All ranges of handicaps are welcome to join our League. The weekly League tournament fee is $2.00 in addition to the Forest Dale green fees. Play of the day winners are posted in the golf shop the next week with winnings paid at the end of the season at the Closing Social.

The Forest Dale Ladies Golf League Club Championship is a combination of two of the best three 9-hole rounds played in August.

The annual Closing Social, Awards Banquet and Business Meeting will be held in October, with League prizes and championship winners awarded.

If you are interested in joining the Forest Dale Ladies Golf League please contact:

Marilyn Wormdahl 801-561-4350

Rose Brown 801-647-0876

Mack Christensen, Head PGA Professional at 801-483-5420

Sign up form

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Forest Dale Golf Course
2375 South 900 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84106
Phone: 801.483.5420

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Photos by Dave Sansom
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